The most beneficial marketing investment that a manufacturer can make is having an experience local / regional sales manager. (RSM)  In our architectural products industry an RSM in the field with management level decision-making authority can boast sales performance far greater than any other marketing undertaking.  Having a great website, brochures, and social media presence as well as participating in trade shows is important and should not be overlooked.

At RSM Services the manufacturers we represent get the following:

  • Pay for performance energy and drive
  • Partnership mentality working toward joint success, not an  employee mind set
  • Experience and knowledge base of over 30 years
  • Hands on sales and marketing support for dealers and distributors salespersons
  • Ongoing coaching and training for dealers and distributors salespersons
  • Joint and independent product marketing and promotion
  • Architectural product specifications and design assistance
  • Fire Protection Engineer education and product promotion
  • Acoustical Engineer education and product promotion
  • Building and Fire Official education
  • Code Consultant Engineer education and product promotion
  • Local relationships and contacts established over 25 years
  • Field inspections for product and installation quality

Below are some photographs from a recent team building exercise John organized as part of regional sales training meeting. The meeting site was an airport hotel central to the region that also facilitated travel for factory management. The theme of the exercise was designing and building an airplane follow by a friendly competition.