Smoke Guard Model 600

With customizable housings for larger dimensions, a battery back up and onboard control unit, the M600 is the most intelligent and adaptable Smoke Guard system.

  • Custom sizes available elevator hoistway opening sizes
  • Ceiling Height
    10 feet high
  • Unit return sizes (projection from wall)
    Standard returns available: 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch. Custom returns available as well
  • Housing dimensions
    lengths: 55, 64, 73 inches and custom
    Height: 9 inches,
    Depth: 11 1/2 inches + return depth (1 inch standard return)
  • Unit electronic control
    is integrated and located in housing of the unit
  • Emergency power source
    is a battery that can power the unit in compliance with the UL 864 standard
  • Emergency power source takes over if AC power is disrupted
  • Screen rewind switch
    is located on both sides of curtain
  • Keyed test deploy switch
    is optional and can be activated from wall switch
  • Stainless steel auxiliary rails
    are optional, if elevator frame is ferrous and at least 2″ wide. If rails are used, they can be painted to match or left unpainted
  • External indicators will display if a fault is detected including; a partial curtain deployment and blinking LED status indicator lights on housing edge to aid building maintenance personnel in quickly diagnosing system faults.

Example of Smoke Guard M600