Smoke Guard Model 400

For an accommodating fit, the M400 is available in three housing sizes with or without optional auxiliary rails and automatic housing door retraction, the M400 is available with  custom sized screen that can adhere directly to the elevator door frame.

  • Elevator hoistway opening sizes
    up to five feet wide
  • Ceiling Height
    12 feet high
  • Unit return sizes
    (projection from wall)
    standard returns available: 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″.
  • Housing dimensions widths: 55 inches, 64 inches, 73 inches. Height: 10.5 inches. Depth: 9 inches (plus return).
  • Unit electronic control
    is electrical box mounted inside the housing
  • No internal emergency power source. Unit is fail safe and will deploy if primary power is disrupted for several seconds. Unit can also be connected to emergency power.
  • Protection from temporary
    power failures
    is a brief delay which avoids nuisance deploys.
  • Screen rewind switch
    is located on both sides of curtain
  • Screen deploy switch
    is located on controls inside housing.
  • Stainless steel auxiliary rails but
    rails are optional, if elevator frame is ferrous and at least 2″ wide. If rails are used, they can be painted to match or left unpainted

Example of Smoke Guard M400