Smoke Guard Model 200

Engineered to fit standard elevator openings, the M200 comes in two housing sizes and requires the installation of auxiliary rails (included).

  • Elevator hoistway opening sizes
    42 inches and 48 inches only
  • Ceiling Height
    Up to 10 feet high
  • Unit return sizes
    (projection from wall)
    One inch
  • Housing dimensions
    widths: 55 and 64 inches Height: 10.5 inches Depth: 9 inches (plus return)
  • Unit electronic controls are
    in an electrical box mounted inside the housing
  • No internal emergency power source. Unit is fail safe and will deploy if primary power disrupted for several seconds. Unit can be connected to emergency power.
  • Protection from temporary
    power failures
    by brief delay which avoids nuisance deploys.
  • Screen rewind switch is  located on both sides of curtain
  • Screen deploy switch
    is located on controls inside housing
  • Stainless steel auxiliary rails
    included and required. Rails can be painted in field.

Example of Elevator Protection