Smoke Guard Model 1500

A smoke containment system for the entire building, the M1500 can cover openings out to twelve feet wide and eleven feet high.

  • Opening sizes
    6′ to 12′ wide
  • Ceiling height
    up to 12 feet high
  • Housing dimensions
    width are custom from 72″ to 144″, are height  7″, 7.25″, housing + 5.25″ battery depth
  • Unit electronic control
    is in electrical box mounted inside the housing
  • Emergency power source
    is a battery that powers the unit for up to ten days
  • Emergency power source takes over if AC power is disrupted
  • Screen rewind switch
    is located on the wall (not the screen)
  • Screen deploy switch
    is mounted on opposing walls

Example of Smoke Guard M1500