Smoke Guard Model 2500

Flexibility is the defining characteristic of this fire + smoke curtain. Available in large dimensions, this vertically deploying solution is suitable for atrium separation, openings in walls, and specialty enclosures where fire-rated protection is required.

  • System rating: The M2500 system is 2 hour (120 minute) Fire Endurance Rated and complying with the UL 10D standard. The M2500 | Fire + Smoke system is also rated to UL 1784 according to the requirements of smoke and draft control assemblies defined in NFPA 105.
  • Opening sizes: For openings ≤ 40′ wide by ≤ 20′ tall
  • Housing dimensions:
    • for systems with drop lengths of ≤12′: 10″ high by 9″ deep
    • for systems with drop lengths of >12′: 11.75″ high by 10.5″ deep
  • Unit electronic control: System controls are listed in accordance with UL 864 for releasing devices. External control box mounted outside of the unit, may be mounted up to 50 conduit feet away.
  • Emergency power source: Each unit has a battery that can power the unit for up to 18 hours on loss of primary power. Emergency power source will take over automatically if primary AC power is disrupted.
  • Optional curtain switch. Mounted on opposing walls.
  • Optional test key switch

Example of Smoke Guard M2500