Smoke Guard Model 2100

This vertically deploying fire and smoke rated curtain is an economical choice for openings. This solution works well for atrium separation, openings in walls, and for specialty enclosures where fire-rated protection is required.

  • System rating: The M2100 system is 2 hour (120 minute) fire endurance rated and complying with the UL 10D standard. The M2100 | Fire + Smoke system is also rated to UL 1784 according to the requirements of smoke and draft control assemblies defined in NFPA 105.
  • Opening sizes: ≤ 20′ wide by ≤ 12′ tall
  • Housing dimensions: 6.5” wide x 6.5” tall
  • Unit electronic control: System controls are listed in accordance with UL 864 for releasing devices. External control box mounted outside of the unit, may be mounted up to 50 conduit feet away.
  • Emergency power source: Each unit has a battery that can power the unit for up to 18 hours on loss of primary power. Emergency power source will take over automatically if primary AC power is disrupted.