NEW PRODUCT: Skyfold Zenith® Premium

By January 30, 2018Operable Partitions

We’re proud to announce our new Skyfold Zenith Premium Series! The Zenith Premium series enhances the Zenith experience with seamless ceiling integration.


  • Seamless ceiling integration
  • Retracts into the ceiling
  • State-of-the-art acoustics, up to STC 60
  • No floor or wall tracks
  • Fully automated and quiet
  • Easy to use, turn key operation
  • Thin path of travel
  • Flat, rigid and light weight
  • Variety of finish options
  • Conserves floor space
  • REVIT drawings available for ease of design integration

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NEW PRODUCT: Skyfold Zenith® Premium

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See below for answers to frequently asked questions about the Zenith Premium.

What are the size limitations for Zenith Premium?

  • Width = Unlimited
  • Height = Up to 14’ (4,267m)

What are the available STC’s (RW’s) for Zenith Premium?

  • Zenith Premium walls are available in the following STC’s: 51, 55, 60 and NRC
  • Zenith Premium walls are available in the following Rw’s: 51, 54, 59 and NRC

What is included in the Zenith Premium Package?

  • Zenith Premium includes the following: 2 touch screen keypads and the pocket closure.

What is the speed of the Zenith Premium wall?

  • Zenith Premium will retract and deploy quicker than the standard Zenith model.
  • It will move at approximately the same speed as the Skyfold Classic walls.

Are lights available in the Zenith Premium model?

  • Yes, lights are available both in the pocket closure panels to wash the wall with light in the down (deployed) position and in the bottom panels of the wall to provide light from above when the wall in in the up (retracted) position.

Can Zenith Premium be stepped or sloped?

  • Only standard rectangular openings are suitable for Zenith Premium at this time.

Can Zenith Premium walls be intersecting?

  • Not at this time.

Will Zenith Premium require more width in the ceiling?

  • Yes, because of the pocket closure, the width at the ceiling (or bottom of the pocket) will be slightly wider than a standard Zenith wall of the same size.

Will Zenith Premium require more stack space in the plenum?

  • Not a simple yes or no answer. In many cases, it takes less room to stack Zenith Premium. In other cases, it takes slightly more. The elimination of the top of the
    pocket (which adds inches to the stack height) allows Zenith Premium to stack in essentially the same space as standard Zenith or Classic. Due to the various
    differences in panel height and pocket width, however, there are separate Design Tips charts for Zenith Premium.

Is the acoustical barrier different for Zenith Premium?

  • Yes, the acoustical barrier will extend from the bottom of the pocket to the deck on both sides of the wall. Acoustical barriers for standard Zenith wall is directly
    above the wall. See available drawings. As always, all acoustical barriers must meet ASTM E557 standards based on the acoustical performance of the wall.

Will access panels be required for the Zenith Premium wall?

  • Yes, an access panel will be required through the acoustical barrier to access the motor. Brackets, lifting mechanisms, cables and motor will be accessible through
    the flip up pocket closure panels when the wall is in the down position.

How different is the installation of Zenith Premium from the standard Zenith wall?

  • It will take approximately the same time to install Zenith Premium as the standard Zenith model.
  • However, all installers will need to be trained on the differences including: installing the cable, installing the horizontal panels and the pocket angle, and setting up the AC drive (which is required to vary the motor speed and maintain a more constant travel speed between transitions and decrease the overall travel time).
  • Up-to-date installation instructions will be available prior to the first installation.

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