The Future of Construction: Embracing Healthy Building (Guide)

By August 1, 2017Architecture

Smoke Guard has put together an excellent guide about the future of construction, specifically relating to healthy building. Architects and building managers know that designing buildings with health and safety in mind is a top priority. We’d love to share this free PDF guide with you. It has what you need to begin planning a healthy and safe building. Please see below to download.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction: A Better Way of Building
    • Enhancing Human Health and Wellness
      • Healthy Design Elements and their Benefits
      • Inspiring Better Habits
    • Building With Healthy Materials
      • Non-Toxic Materials
      • Sustainable Materials
      • Suggested Healthy Building Materials
    • Upholding Safety Complaince
      • Safety Standards
  • Final Regards

Download The Guide

Download PDF


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