The Best Days and Times to Send Your Email (Infographic from Propeller)

Internet Marketing and Email Marketing can be a lot to handle, but luckily there are many resources to make it easier. We found this fantastic infographic from Propeller that lays out the best times and days to send email messages in order to get them read and also get engagement.

Based on Facts and Statistics

The infographic by Propeller is based on facts, statistics, and analytics, making it a reliable guide. We really like how the infographic lays out the difference between B2B and B2C emails. It’s also fascinating to note the statistics about how many opens, clicks, and responses emails get depending on the time they are sent. The goal is to have engagement, so it’s not enough just to get your email read.

Important Note: Remember to follow the rules when sending email to your mailing list. Your subscribers must opt-in and give you permission to email them marketing content. There are strict rules against spam, so be careful to do things the right (and legal) way.

See The Infographic Below

Check out the infographic and good luck on your next email marketing campaign!

The Best Days and Times to Send Your Email (Infographic from Propeller)

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