With All This Talk About Building Big Walls, Check Out These Super-Sized Walls From Skyfold

Check out these amazing Skyfold walls at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center in Muskat, Oman. They are the largest Skyfold Operable Partitions yet! The architects who worked on the project were from Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo (WATG) and SSH. The four Skyfold walls have whopping dimensions of 256′ x 26’3″ (78m x 8m).

About the Walls

These operable partitions can be moved independently, allowing for incredible flexibility within the space. Watch the video above to see them in action. As you can see, they are easy to operate (with simple turn-key control) and fold perfectly up into the ceiling. In addition to easy operation, they have amazing acoustic control that surpasses other folding wall options. Because of the great length of these Skyfold walls, the manufacturer fitted them with a special deflection adapting bottom seal.  Normally deflection would be a big concern for walls of this size, but Skyfold accounts for that. Take a look at our infographic about Skyfold and deflection if you’re interested.

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We’re very proud of the project and hope you enjoy the video. Get in touch with us to learn more about Skyfold, browse our blog for more articles, and visit our operable partition page. Thanks for reading.

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