Fast-Moving Skyfold Operable Partitions

The operation speed of a Skyfold can be sped up to be more than twice as fast.

A common question about Skyfold operable partitions is whether they can deploy faster. The answer: YES. If the wall size is smaller, such as a meeting room, classroom, stage front, or SIM lab, the motor size can be increased which can dramatically increase the speed of movement. In one example, I was working with Skyfold engineers on a SIM lab project in which we calculated that the speed of movement up or down would be more than twice as fast as a normal Skyfold installation. In that case, the total time of deployment went from 88 seconds to just 42 seconds!

NY SIM Center – Skyfold Classic

What about larger walls? And when is a faster wall necessary?

Larger walls, such as convention centers and ballrooms, may be candidates for a faster speed depending on the size, number of motors, and STC. Sometimes the design is such that a faster move speed is desirable. In the SIM lab example above, the university designer wanted the wall to quickly move down so that the instructor could divide the the medical interns into small groups. The instructor needed to demonstrate separate lessons on two medical mannequins, each set up on either side of the wall. This is an example when a faster wall speed is important.

Other Instances Where A Faster Wall May Be Needed:

A School Stage


School Stage – Sandy Hook Elementary – Classic

A Classroom


Classroom – South Lake Tahoe High School – Mirage

A Presentation Room


Presentation Room – UMass Football Performance Center – Classic

Does this apply to you?

If you want to see if the Skyfold wall you are planning to use can operate faster, let us know the size, STC, etc. We will tell you what we can do for you. Keep in mind, however, that this process is recommended for new walls as opposed to already installed and existing Skyfold walls. This is because the motor will need to be upgraded to a higher horsepower model. It is much easier to do this for a new installation.

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