Top 12 Websites and Resources for Architects

By December 20, 2016Architecture


1) ArchDaily

The tagline says it all: “the world’s most visited architecture website”. ArchDaily is a news website and blog completely devoted to architecture and design. It features thousands of articles and posts. The site also allows users to collect and categorize architecture projects and photos. ArchDaily is definitely worth checking out.

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Architecture Lab

2) Architecture Lab

Architecture Lab is another popular blog about architecture. They have posts about architecture news, architecture projects, inspiration, collections, articles, videos, interviews and much more.

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Life of an Architect

3) Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect is a classic blog written by the architect Bob Borson. Bob works at a firm in Texas and designs mostly modern residential projects. He started his blog over five years ago and has grown an impressive audience of readers who are interested in the subject.

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JSTOR contains a large library of journals and sources on a number of topics. With many sources relating to architecture, this is a valuable resource to keep in mind and refer to.

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Harvard Library VIA

5) Harvard Library VIA

The Harvard Library VIA allows users to search for resources, books, and publications. VIA stands for Visual Information Access and contains detailed records and images representing architecture and a variety of other topics. Search their archives to see for yourself!

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LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, works to change the way architecture is done in the United States. They certify projects that are environmentally friendly / green. Their website is a wealth of information for architects who are looking to keep up with standards and move toward the future when it comes to green building.

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7) Floorplanner

Floorplanner is a fantastic application that makes it easy to make interactive, online floor plans. Floor plans can be viewed directly via the app or exported in a variety of formats.

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8) BIMx

BIMx is a 3-Dimensional project creation and collaboration tool. It allows users to create interactive 2D or 3D models of building designs. The application has won numerous awards and is impressive to use.

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9) Arrette

Arrette is a beautifully designed application that focuses on simplicity and creativity. While other drawing applications have a wealth of features, Arrette strives to provide only what is needed for its users. The results of Arrette are beautifully composed drawings that feel like they were drawn on paper with pen or pencil

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10) PadCAD

PadCAD is another application used for drafting designs. It makes it simple to create comprehensive architecture drawings without being overwhelmed with features or atypical 3D displays.

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11) Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular image-sharing service and social network. Many architects and businesspeople use Pinterest to find and collect images that help their process. For architects it can be exceedingly useful as a means to collect and categorize architectural projects, resources, and design inspiration.

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12) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network designed specifically for professionals. For architects, it is a wonderful way to connect with others in their network and also to find resources, products, and the people who represent them. If you’d like, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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