Yes, yes it is. 

We recently noticed that a Skyfold Operable Partition is clearly visible in the trailer for the movie “A Stand Up Guy” starring Bob Saget, Michael Rapaport, Danny A. Abeckaser, Jay R. Ferguson, and Moran Atias. Check out the trailer below. You can clearly see the Skyfold Classic at approximately 15 seconds into the video.

Movie Synopsis

Sammy Lagucci is a lovable loser who just wants to do right by his daughter. When he finds out the gangsters he runs with are planning to take him out, he enters the Witness Protection program to protect himself and his family. Going from The Big Apple to a small town in Wisconsin gets him down at first, but on a dare he does an impromptu stand-up comedy routine and finds he has a knack for it. His act goes viral, and what should be a blessing turns into a curse when his newfound fame gets the attention of the mob.

About Skyfold Classic

The original Skyfold has been the standard for high performance folding partitions for over 20 years with thousands of  walls installed. It is the clear leader and choice for acoustical engineers, architects and facility managers. Available in 51, 55, & 60 STC.

  • Retracts into the ceiling
  • Slick and professional appearance
  • State-of-the-art acoustics
  • No floor or wall tracks
  • Fully automated and quiet
  • Easy to use, turn key operation
  • Flat, rigid and light weight
  • Variety of finish options
  • Conserves floor space
  • Perfect for sloped and stepped floors

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