Honored to Have a Part in the New Sandy Hook School

We’re greatly honored to have a part in the new Sandy Hook School. Our Skyfold wall is in their gym/cafeteria/auditorium, providing flexibility in their great, new space. It’s been almost four years since the tragic shooting that happened in Newtown, Connecticut. Since that horrible day, the community has joined together to support each other and improve the school. The new facility is absolutely beautiful. Take a look below.

Thoughts From the Architect

Architect: Svigals + Partners

“The design of the school was developed in concert with the wider community and consequently was approved at each phase, on budget and with construction proceeding on schedule.”

Download the PDF from Svigals + Partners

Floor Plan

Sandy Hook - Floor Plan

Site Plan

Sandy Hook - Site Plan



Photos of Skyfold at the New Sandy Hook Elementary School

Dealer: Willco Sales & Service, Inc.


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