Movable Walls and Their Role in the Future of Education

Movable Walls and Their Role in the Future of EducationI recently read an interesting article on EdSurge called “Architecture’s Pivotal Role in the Future of K-12 Learning”. Many great points were made, but not least of which was the idea that architectural flexibility in schools is very important. It made me think of Skyfold walls and their applications in an education setting.

Here’s an excerpt from that article:

In our rapidly changing world, today’s students need the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be successful in the complex future that awaits them. Specifically, 1) they must learn to work and thrive in an increasingly connected economy, and 2) they must solve problems, collaborate and create.

While the architecture of schools is not an answer to transformation in and of itself, school design holds huge potential for both creating and supporting the daily habits of successful schools. Not only are some spaces more inspiring and healthier to occupy, but simply investing in a space provides the messaging to kids that they matter. That they deserve a beautiful space to be in, because we care that they are learning and constantly improving.

We know that people learn differently from one another—so why do classrooms all look the same? In learner-driven + personalized spaces,the architecture supports collaboration among groups of students and educators, with plenty of space for inquiry and hands-on learning such as makerspaces, and lots of space for students to move around and be active. These spaces will have:

  • Lots of flexible seating options so that the space can be easily reconfigured for different purposes
  • Soft seating options for students to be comfortable as they investigate independently and learn
  • Movable walls so that teachers can create quiet breakout instructional areas based on needs

Creating these flexible interior environments is a giant step toward personalizing learning for students. Giving them a fun space to occupy helps to create a culture of learning and exploration, and this is a necessary change if curricula are going to continue to trend toward more personalized strategies. But I argue we need to take one more step back and look at the school building and its systems as a whole. Redesigning the architecture of schools to be more sustainably-focused is where we begin to see measurable impact on learning.


Skyfold Provides Flexibility for Education

Many of the projects we see using Skyfold are education projects. This is because Skyfold provides an unparalleled level of flexibility within a classroom setting. At the push of a button, Skyfold walls can deploy from the ceiling. Once they are deployed, they are so seamless that educators and students will forget that it’s not a stationary wall.

You can see a great video of Skyfold operable partitions at work in schools here.

Skyfold’s Acoustic Control in the Classroom.

About four years ago we wrote a blog post about classroom acoustics and the importance of acoustic control in the classroom. With Skyfold, you can add a lot of flexibility to the classroom, but also maintain acoustic control. Here’s an excerpt from that article:

If any of the walls are a folding operable type, as is often the case, the operable partition panels should have a good NRC rating and be able to absorb sound. Most folding walls have solid steel and only reflect sound. Skyfold makes a version of their folding wall that has a 0.65 NRC on both sides and provides a 50 STC.

Since writing that article, Skyfold has continued to improve and now offers 60 STC operable walls!

Skyfold Offers a Marker Board Finish!

It also bears mentioning that Skyfold walls come in many different finish options. Therefore, they can integrate seamlessly into an educational setting, regardless of the design. Furthermore, a marker board finish is offered specifically for classroom and office settings. See how that product looks below:

Announcing a NEW Operable Wall with Marker Board Finish - Ideal for Schools

Get in Touch for More Information

If you’re interested in Skyfold and how it can provide flexibility in your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also check out our operable partitions page, our gallery of images/video, and more blog posts about Skyfold.


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