We recently found an interesting article on the Forbes website about elevators and why people act oddly on them. Here’s a short excerpt from the article:

When two people who don’t know each other find themselves alone in an elevator, they invariably stand as far away from each other as possible. They certainly don’t face one another, and it’s unlikely they make eye contact or speak. If the elevator is crowded, people stare at the ceiling, at the ground, or at the floor selection buttons – doing everything they can to avoid interacting.

University of Chicago Professor Dario Maestripieri believes this behavior is an instinctive response to a perceived dangerous social situation. Professor Maestripieri, who studies the biology of social behavior of human and nonhuman primates, claims the way the mind responds to danger hasn’t changed in millions of years.

via forbes.com

The article goes on to talk about how people are conditioned to be wary of others, especially in a small, enclosed space. You have to admit, it makes sense!

But That’s Not All That’s Dangerous

Another thought about the danger of elevators has to do with smoke in the event of a fire. Did you know that elevator shafts act as chimneys for smoke to rise and spread throughout a building? It’s incredibly dangerous, which is why there are fire codes and regulations for buildings. Luckily, there is a great option for protecting against smoke rising up an elevator shaft and endangering occupants. The answer is Smoke Guard.

Smoke Guard in Action

What is Smoke Guard?

St. JosephsSmoke Guard curtains can hide up above elevator doors and roll down in the event of a fire. The smoke curtains block smoke from spreading. The curtain is magnetized and can easily be pushed aside, re-magnetizing after occupants have exited the area. It’s an amazing product that can save lives.

Hopefully this makes elevators less scary! Now you just have to learn to be friendly in an elevator and you’ll be all set.

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