The Facebook office in Playa Vista, CA recently enlisted the help of Smoke Guard, Inc. to implement their M4000 perimeter curtain into their new space. You can see in the video and photos below how the system remains hidden in the ceiling until it is needed. In the event of a fire-related emergency, the M4000 curtain deploys and prevents harmful smoke from spreading up the stairwell/atrium and throughout the rest of the building. This system is an ideal option for creating a safe space and satisfying mandatory building codes.

Video of Smoke Guard’s M4000 in Action

More About the M4000

Smoke Guard’s Model 4000 fire curtain is the ideal solution for vertically deploying perimeter curtain installations, and does not require corner support posts. This type of fire curtain can shield staircases or escalators from smoke and flames, or provide a reservoir for smoke on the upper floors of an atrium or other open space. While the M4000 does not provide gaps for egress, it can be an effective complement to existing mechanical smoke and fire containment systems or additional fire curtains. This is a powerful tool for architects designing new buildings, and the cornerless design makes it easy to incorporate the M4000 into older buildings that must be updated to comply with modern fire safety codes. – via

Photos of the M400 at Facebook


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