Video – Best Alternative for Atrium Smoke Control Using Smoke Guard’s M4000 Perimeter Curtain

Check out the Smoke Guard M4000 at the Spanx Corporate Building. This video shows how Smoke Guard provides excellent atrium smoke control. The accordion-style M4000 curtain hides beautifully in the ceiling until needed, dropping down safely to make a seal around the stairwell atrium opening.

More About the M4000

Smoke Guard’s Model 4000 fire curtain is the ideal solution for vertically deploying perimeter curtain installations, and does not require corner support posts. This type of fire curtain can shield staircases and escalators from smoke and flames, or provide a reservoir for smoke on the upper floors of an atrium or other open space. While the M4000 does not provide a flap for egress like the Model 2500 vertical curtains, it can be an effective complement to existing mechanical smoke and fire containment systems or additional fire curtains. This is a powerful tool for architects designing new buildings, and the no post design makes it easy to incorporate the M4000 into older buildings that must be updated to comply with modern fire safety codes. – via

Technical Specifications

  • Unit Dimensions

    Available in custom widths to protect openings up to 15 feet in drop length and 200 linear feet wide

  • System Description

    The M4000 is a pleated curtain that is stored in headbox which is generally installed above the ceiling. The curtain can also run off a building’s standby power system. When deployed, the curtain can cover openings up to 15 feet drop and 200 feet length. These dimensions are highly adjustable, and the curtain’s panels can be joined at angles ranging from 30 to 150 degrees, which allows for custom installations. The curtain can integrate with local smoke detection systems.

  • Physical Properties

    Headbox: 19 3 / 8 ” deep by 9 ” high

  • System

    It requires 120 V AC power, and incorporates a battery for backup power in emergency situations.

Available With Super Sensor Technology

Watch the video below to see Smoke Guard’s amazing M4000 in action, complete with “super sensor” technology! If you don’t already know, Smoke Guard systems, like the M4000, will deploy in order to contain deadly smoke in the event of a fire, protecting building occupants and minimizing damage. The super sensor adds a new level of protection by sensing any obstructions that may be in its path and responding to them.

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