5 Ways to Optimize Your Morning Productivity

5 Ways to Optimize Your Morning Productivity

Here are five great tips we put together for people (especially in sales) trying to optimize their morning productivity. As you know, the morning can be a difficult time to stay focused and get a lot of profitable work done. If you use these techniques, however, we are confident you will be on your way to an extremely productive day.

1) Plan Your Day the Night Before

This is huge. It doesn’t take very long and has an amazing impact on the following day’s productivity. The evening before, simply make a list of things that you will get done the following day.

This can make a big difference because so many people spend their mornings scrambling to figure out how to best organize their day. It’s so much easier with a list. You can just get to work! Your mind is fresher in the evening anyway, so the list will most likely be better planned and in-line with where you left off the day before.

Make sure to prioritize your list, so you do what is most important no matter what. Don’t leave the most profitable tasks for the end of the day when you may push them off until the following morning. Get it done!

2) Put Off Your Emails

Obviously you should reply to an urgent email that needs attention, but most of your emails that are sitting in your inbox every morning are not imperative to reply to that minute. Saving your email management and replies until after noon can transform your morning productivity. Make it a general rule for you. Say to yourself, “I won’t worry about my inbox until after lunch!”

This is a common way for many people to lose valuable time in the mornings. It’s easy to spend an hour or more replying to and managing email. Suddenly, you are eating lunch and wondering where half the day went! Don’t let that happen. Get to work immediately. Most emails can wait a few more hours.

3) Exercise Regularly

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which are chemicals produced by the central nervous system that will make you feel better, more focused, and most likely more motivated! You might think exercising before work could make you tired all day, but it actually makes your mind feel so much more awake. Give it a try and you will most likely be impressed by the results.

Exercise whenever your schedule allows, even if it’s only for a short time. Try to make it a regular practice, however. It will bring about the best results and improve your work ethic considerably. You may find that exercising in the morning when you wake up is best, or maybe after work. If you give it a try, let us know how it helped you in the comments below.

4) Get up and Move Periodically

Remaining motionless is the enemy of productivity. Soon your mind will start to wander and you’ll lose focus. Just think of it like this: the more sluggish your body is, the more sluggish your mind will become. This is not always the case, but usually is. You will most likely find that a short walk or stretching session in-between tasks is just what you need to keep the momentum going. Better yet, take some of your tasks on the move. We have had luck with walking meetings. In stead of sitting in a stuffy conference room after spending all day in a cubicle, try taking that meeting to the park. You might be surprised at the amount of creativity and enthusiasm that can grow after or during your time spent out of the office chair.

5) Avoid Social Media and Smart Phone Use

This is very important! Do not get sucked into the trap of using your smartphone or browsing social media in the morning. If you do, you will probably waste lots of valuable time and also losing your motivation and focus. It’s probable that you know many people who you have worked with that waste hours every day on Facebook, Twitter, or simply looking at their phones. Don’t fall into that trap yourself! Put these things away, install a site blocker, or do whatever you need to do to NOT get sucked in.

If you try these five things, we’re confident you will see a dramatic increase in productivity, sales, and profits. They are simple things that can make a big difference. We hope you will give them a try and that they will help you.

Take care and good selling!

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