Check out this excellent animation showing how Smoke Guard’s M1500 smoke protection system works. In the event of a fire in a multi-story building, smoke will travel via elevator shafts, spreading throughout the building even to upper stories were people have the longest travel distance for evacuation. In no time at all, the building can fill with smoke and endanger the lives of everyone inside and hinder fire fighting operations as well. The M1500 is a great product from Smoke Guard that contains smoke to the fire floor or smoke compartment, so it does not escape into areas where people may be attempting to evacuate.

Here are the main things to notice about this video:

  • The smoke containment system is hidden in the ceiling when not in use.
  • When smoke is detected, the smoke alarm sounds and the M1500 begins to deploy.
  • The curtain makes contact with the floor, sealing all smoke inside.
  • Anyone can easily raise the curtain and exit to safety if needed.
  • The curtain automatically deploys again after evacuation to keep smoke from migrating off the fire floor.

I hope this animation proves useful in understanding how simple it can be to protect building occupants, fire fighters,  and also satisfy the building code requirements associated with smoke and fire safety. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions and visit our Smoke Guard page to learn more about all the options Smoke Guard provides for elevators, atria and communicating stairs.

Photos of the M1500 at Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research


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