Davenport Grand Hotel’s 18,000 sq. ft. Meeting Room Uses SKYFOLD (Not Air Walls)

We’re extremely happy and excited to share this video featuring our very own Skyfold operable wall in the new ballroom at the Davenport Grand Hotel in Spokane, Washington. The folding wall is an impressive 96′ long and the meeting room is 18,000 square feet, complete with beautiful LED ceiling lights that are completely customizable! As they mention in the video, this meeting room is the envy of all event planners.

The only problem with this great video is that they refer to the Skyfold wall as an “air wall”. While many use “air wall” as an industry term, it’s not an air wall, it’s Skyfold! Be sure to check out more about Skyfold operable partitions on our website, get in touch with questions, and don’t forget to watch the video below.

Spokane, North Idaho News

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