Hilarious Elevator Prank Video

Have you seen this hilarious elevator prank video? The prank features a fictional elevator called the “Intelevator”. In reality, the Intelevator is just a remote controlled elevator operated by two people speaking through a microphone as if they were a robotic, voice-controlled elevator. You have to see what happens when people get on board.

It’s a funny video, but it also makes you wonder about the kind of elevator technology that may emerge over time. Years ago, elevators were far less advanced and were controlled by a single, trained operator. Now they operate at the click of a button by anyone (of any age) who steps on board. One of the products I represent, Smoke Guard, is a great example of seemingly futuristic elevator technology. Smoke and fire-resistant curtains can be hidden above elevator doors. In the event of a fire, the curtains will roll down, magnetize to the door, and save lives by containing dangerous smoke and fumes. The curtains can be easily pushed away by occupants and also roll back up into the ceiling without any extra effort. With Smoke Guard, lives can be saved and fire codes can be met for fire protection engineers and architects. It’s definitely a real-life futuristic invention.

Learn more about Smoke Guard or get in touch for more information. We hope you liked the video!

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