New Animation Shows How Atrium Smoke Control Code-Compliance Can Be Easy and Attractive by Using Smoke Guard’s M4000

Check out this excellent animation showing how smoke control code-compliance for atria can be easily obtained WITHOUT sacrificing the original design intended by the architect. The solution to this potentially complicated problem is simple: Smoke Guard’s Model 4000 (M4000).

The Smoke Guard Model 4000 perimeter curtain (M4000) is a code-compliant fire-rated assembly designed to function as a vertically deploying opening protective requiring no corner posts. This perimeter curtain may be configured in a closed, box-like, condition or in a multi-faceted, open-ended configuration with our without side-guide captures.

  • Unit Dimensions: Available in custom widths to protect openings up to 15 feet in drop length and 200 linear feet wide
  • Headbox: 19 3 / 8 ” deep by 9 ” high
  • System: 120 V AC power, 24 V DC motors, battery backup

To find out more feel free to get in touch or browse the smoke and fire control articles we have posted on our blog.

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