New Atrium Curtains Pass Intertek’s High Temperature Test Chamber

New Atrium Curtains Pass Intertek's High Temperature Test Chamber

Smoke Guard’s new atrium smoke and fire models were put to the test recently in Intertek’s high temperature test chamber. These tests have secured our listings for the new M1000, M2100, M2500, M3000, and M4000.

SG Fire Testing 3

What This Means

With the tests proving successful, this means Smoke Guard is set to have these models available for ordering on July 1, 2014.

Keep Us In Mind

Perhaps you have a project with a vertical penetration for an atrium or stair that would benefit from some strategically placed smoke or fire rated curtains (up to 2 hours)?

SG Fire Testing 2Elevator shafts and atrium areas are the largest vertical penetration in a building. Smoke Guard makes flexible containment solutions for building code smoke protection requirements at the atrium, elevator opening, and surrounding areas.

Originally invented by an architect to specifically prevent smoke migration via the elevator hoistway door, the Smoke Guard system is an ICC approved alternative to an enclosed elevator smoke lobby or shaft pressurization. With this new product expansion of large vertical, horizontal, and accordion type rated curtains, Smoke Guard Corp. offers solutions for the atrium as well.

Please get in touch with any questions about Smoke Guard products. I would be happy to discuss how a Smoke Guard curtain could help your next project.

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