Smoke Guard Introduces New Fabric Draft Curtain: “SG Draft”

Smoke Guard’s “ SG Draft”  is a fantastic new addition to the product line. It is what’s called a draft curtain and is used primarily in warehouses, aircraft hangers, and manufacturing environments to minimize smoke spread in a fire event. The curtains are made of a code-compliant fabric that is incredibly lightweight. It is made of a glass filament fabric that is not combustible and smoke-tight and can be used in environments with a sprinkler system or environments without a sprinkler.

The curtain system hangs from the ceiling and not only contains smoke, but works in tandem with roof vents that channel smoke out of the building. When it comes to safety and efficiency, this product cannot be matched. Available in countless custom sizes for different spaces, the SG Draft may be the best option for your next project. Smoke Guard makes it easy to install and live with as future service additions are inexpensive and quickly accomplished versus hard systems such as drywall.

We’re confident that the SG Draft curtain is at the top of the market when it comes to lightweight, fabric smoke control. It’s unobtrusive, quick to install, and easy to modify if new pipes or ducts are added in the future. Get in touch for more information on how this system might help you in your next project.

Code References for Fixed Draft Curtains

Download the Code References PDF


Smoke Guard Introduces Impressive New Fabric Draft Curtain: "Smoke Guard Draft"

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