2013 Year in Review: Top Blog Posts & Traffic

By January 17, 2014Sales and Marketing

2013 Year in ReviewHaving a blog and being active in social media has been a very important part of my marketing efforts for the past couple years. I’ve said it before, I highly suggest including blogging in your Internet marketing plan. Writing relevant articles within your field and acting as a resource for people will not only draw visitors to your site but naturally improve your SEO.

2013 has been a good year for the RSM blog. I wanted to write a quick blog post outlining some of the interesting analytics from 2013.

My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013

1) Top 5 iPad Apps for Sales Reps
2) Otis Elevator Stainless Frames
3) The Truth About Elevator Shaft Pressurization
4) Swiss Tech Convention Center – Awesome design complete with movable Skyfold walls!
5) How to Improve Classroom Acoustics
6) Before and After Photos – The Secret of Architecture and Design Marketing
7) First Skyfold Wall in Springfield Massachusetts – Putnam Vocational Technical Academy
8) Announcing New Product: 55 STC Rated Operable Wall
9) Download a Free Pass to AIA’s Building Leaders Expo in Denver, June 20 – 22, 2013
10) Smoke Guard: Protecting the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Visitor Behavior

I found this very interesting and exciting:

  • 54% of visitors came looking for Smoke Guard info and read at least 1 blog post about smoke control.
  • 46% of visitors came looking for Skyfold info and read at least 1 blog post about acoustics or operable walls.

This shows that the blog definitely helps drive traffic to my website and point them in the right direction. These visitors probably found me from an Internet search for something relating to “smoke control”, “acoustics”, or “operable partitions”. If not for the blog, they may have ended up at a completely different website than mine.

How Visitors Found The Site

  • 73% – Google Search
  • 14% – Google Image Search
  • 6% – Bing Search
  • 3% – Yahoo Search
  • 2% – LinkedIn
  • Less that 1%  – Ask.com
  • Less that 1% – Twitter
  • Less that 1% – Facebook
  • Less that 1% – AOL

These statistics have been very helpful for me because they show what has been working and what hasn’t. For example, I know that LinkedIn is the biggest driver of traffic out of all the social networks I use. That means that LinkedIn probably deserves more of my time than Twitter or Facebook. More importantly, I can see that Internet searches are the largest source of traffic for me. This is good. It tells me that the SEO benefits of having a well-constructed blog are paying off. This info also shows just how valuable images can be. 14% of incoming traffic is from people who found one of my images which in turn lead them to my website! That’s a large part of my incoming traffic. It seems using nice images and designs is paying off as well.

If this was interesting to you, check out my post “Top 12 of 2012” from last year. Thanks to all my readers and colleagues for a great 2013. Here’s hoping 2014 is a great year for all of you.

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