60 STC Skyfold – The Operable Wall Industry’s NEW Best

By November 5, 2013Operable Partitions

60 STC Skyfold - The Operable Wall Industry’s NEW Best

Skyfold engineers have done it again. They have designed a folding wall that achieves a 60 STC! (Sound Transmission Control rating) To think it was just last January that I posted on this blog that Skyfold came out with their 57 STC folding wall, which was the best available at the time (and by the way, has taken the industry by storm).

Architects and Acoustical Engineers alike are demanding higher sound transmission control for their clients and Skyfold has answered the call. The best part for everyone is that the Skyfold STC 60 won’t cost any more than the 57 STC “Elite” model that it is replacing. The price is the virtually same. And of course a 60 STC sound control performance blows away any other (electric or manual) operable wall in the industry.

60 STC Skyfold - The Operable Wall Industry’s NEW Best

But what makes this amazing is that the Skyfold STC 60 walls fold up into the ceiling in just minutes. The usual applications in corporate offices, auditoriums, and banquet facilities will benefit of course, but schools (where distractions can hurt student performance) will benefit tremendously from super sound-proof walls that can move in just a minute or two. The Skyfold STC 60 operable wall should meet the federal LEED and State High Performance School requirements for acoustical performance in classrooms as well.

Be sure check out the test report and see the cool video on the Skyfold website.

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