My Sailing Trip Through The New England Islands

By July 16, 2013Life

New England Sailing Trip - June 2013In June of 2013 my wife, a few friends, and I planned an amazing trip sailing through the New England Islands. This was by far one of the best adventures we’ve been on. We sailed from Newport to Cuttyhunk, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. There were eight of us in total, along with a skipper . We traveled 150 nautical miles in total (with a top speed of 10.1 knots!). The boat was one of the larger we’ve have lived on for a week at 54 feet long.

Some of the highlights were sailing through thick fog where we couldn’t see more than a few hundred feet in front of our boat and setting sail every day to the sound of bagpipes from our friend Joe. All in all, it was an outstanding trip. I made a trailer and a short video about the experience. I wanted to share them both here. I hope you enjoy watching them. Sailing is a big part of my life and I’m excited to plan another trip like this soon.

The experience was incredible and a very important lesson in teamwork for me. It goes without saying that teamwork is as important in business as it is on a sailboat. This trip involved a great amount of teamwork. We had to organize food, cooking arrangements, living arrangements, schedule, and much more. We had to work together interpreting maps and take turns managing the many tasks and duties that make a boat work and sail successfully.  You better believe it took teamwork to get us to our destination! These kinds of life activities have always been helpful exercises in growing as a team leader and also a team follower. You have to know when to take the reins and when to follow instructions. These skills have helped me in my business life.

Here’s the trailer:

Here’s the full video:

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