Video: Skyfold at NY SIM Center

Check out this video I made of the Skyfold retractable walls at the NY SIM Center. If you’ve never heard of NY SIM before, it stands for New York Simulation Center for the Health Sciences. It’s a state of the art urban health science simulation training facility. The center itself is one of the largest at 25,000 square feet. It’s primary function is in the training of students from NYU and CUNY in the areas of affiliated nursing, medical, dental and allied health. Practicing physicians and nurses from the NYU Langone Medical Center also study there.

We’re proud to have Skyfold improving the already impressive facility. The use of our walls allows the center to get double the production from a teaching session. You can see how the walls separate a large training space into two smaller ones. Additionally, the top of the line acoustic rating of Skyfold walls ensures that two separate trainings can be going on simultaneously without distracting each other. Notice the new white seals at the top and bottom of the wall and the retractable seals on either edge of the wall. These provide a reliable seal that’s mandatory for this kind of project.

The walls you’re seeing in this video are the Skyfold Classic 51 model from our dealer Modernfold / Styles in collaboration with Ballinger Architects and general contractor James A. Jennings. If you ever find yourself in the facility, be sure to check these walls out. I’m sure you’ll be impressed. For questions or pricing on Skyfold walls feel free to get in touch.

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