Skyfold Assisting Cancer Survivors in Southport, Connecticut

A new and unique facility in Southport, Connecticut recently installed a state of the art Skyfold vertical lifting partition. The Connecticut Challenge Center for Survivorship in Southport, Connecticut is devoted to providing for the well being of cancer survivors. In the words of director Jeff Keith, we have the mindset of “an Olympic training facility.” The Skyfold® Classic 51™ wall was installed by the distributor Willco Sales and Service of Fairfield, Connecticut and incorporated into the design by architect David Preusch AIA and interior designer Jackie Richardson. The center is a thing of beauty, one of the first of its kind on the continent, and a wonderful tool for the Cancer survivors. Take a look at the operable wall in action:

Center for Survivorship Southport, Connecticut

Center for Survivorship Southport, Connecticut

Center for Survivorship Southport, Connecticut

The Skyfold retractable wall helps increase flexibility and productivity within the Center for Survivorship while letting the sun shine in. The cancer survivors that use this facility are working hard to rehabilitate, stay fit, and maintain positive attitudes. The wall makes it easy to transform the available space to allow for different groups of people and various activities. It also preserves the aesthetic and environment necessary for activities like yoga, meditation, and counseling.

Skyfold walls have incredible acoustic benefits (51 STC acoustical rating), durability, and are very easy to operate and maintain. Keith had the following comment about his center and his Skyfold walls….

“Having a facility so beautiful and functional is incredibly important to members. They need to feel comfortable, welcome, and inspired to keep recovering. Many of our survivors don’t want to go back to their hospitals. Part of our approach is, if you exercise you’ll reduce your chances of getting cancer again by 50 percent. We opened up the (Skyfold ) wall to let in daylight to studios for yoga. With the operable Skyfold wall we can divide the large space in two, to conduct a workshop on one side while we have a speaker giving a presentation on the other.”

The designers of the Center for Survivorship clearly wanted elegant aesthetics adding bamboo flooring, large glass partitions, and (of course) the Skyfold wall. Architect David Preusch was impressed with Skyfold saying, “The center needed the rooms to be adaptable to be large or small at various times. Skyfold was the ideal space-planning solution… Skyfold is a lift-up wall, and it’s very beautiful.” The facility and its use of Skyfold’s powerlift partitions will likely inspire many more advanced centers such as this one. It’s truly a wonderful place, with an important mission, and an inspiring application of technology. If you have any questions about Skyfold, please get in touch.

Case Study: Center for Survivorship

Quotes Source: SKYFOLD Case Study 05 by C.C. Sullivan

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