5 Key Reasons Why You Should Have a (FREE) LinkedIn Company Page

While LinkedIn may not be as large as social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, its greatest benefit is in its niche. The people who actively use LinkedIn are professionals looking to create new working relationships. As a salesperson or fellow professional, LinkedIn has enormous potential for networking. Don’t make the mistake of assuming LinkedIn is simply a way to post your resume online. It can be so much more than that.

Today I’d like to address the benefits of LinkedIn Company Pages. This is a place for you to list your company, outline details, post products, post career opportunities, and more. It’s a wonderful resource. Here are some key reasons why you should head over to LinkedIn and quickly set up your company profile.

1. You can gain better SEO.

Why not use LinkedIn’s Company Pages to take advantage of their natural Search Engine Optimization? Having your company listed in as many places as possible will make sure your company shows up in more Internet searches and drive more potential customers to you. LinkedIn is a very well established website and will show up in searches before many other sites. Your Company Page will be no exception.

2. You can create a professional company overview complete with branding.

The “look” of these Company Pages are great! All the information is presented in an organized and attractive manner. If a potential customer were to find your company through LinkedIn via browsing, referral, or a search, this page will have everything they need to make a good first impression and point them in the right direction. Don’t forget to take advantage of the customization options that will make your page brand consistent with your company.

Take a look at my Company Page on LinkedIn:

3. You can attract customers and applicants in YOUR area.

LinkedIn users are often searching for new companies, users, and opportunities in their area. LinkedIn is optimized to show your location and filter searches and related items to areas that are useful to the people who may be looking for your company. That means that your potential customers and potential new employees can find you easier. These are real professionals in your area that you may not have otherwise connected with. LinkedIn helps you do that.

4. You can easily promote your sites and social networks.

LinkedIn Company Pages are also a great way to promote your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social networks. Whatever your company is using, can be linked and promoted with these pages. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity. Your Company Page can become a hub that directs potential customers to all the places they need to go to learn more about what you do and form a lasting relationship that will lead to sales and new opportunities.

5. Connect your employees and products with your customers

One of the best aspects of LinkedIn’s Company Pages are the tabs that showcase employees, job postings, and products. Utilizing all of these sections will help get your page exposure, help you hire better employees, and make money for you and your company. In particular, listing your connections as employees will draw in their connections as well. Suddenly, with the help of LinkedIn Company Pages, you have a highly influential and visible way to promote your business and make sure potential customers are getting the best information to make a good first impression and form a long-lasting professional relationship.

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