Sales Success Tip – Focus

By December 26, 2012Sales and Marketing

Focus.   Everyday should start with a plan of attack and don’t let anything distract you from achieving your goals.

Cyclist Focused on His Goal

Like the cyclist and my good friend Eric Cohen pictured here, people can see when you’re focused and respect it. Whether your goal is to win that stage race or close that contract, your focus will make all the difference. Continuously re-focus throughout the day to make sure you don’t get off track and waste valuable time on less important tasks.  I like to use a daily Self Management Matrix tool that one of my Mentor’s shared with me for the first few weeks of every year. It reminds me stay  focused on tasks that add value to (and for) my sales team and principals. If you have free time during a work day, try to immerse yourself in productive tasks like additional training (reading, watching webinars, practicing your sales presentation, etc…) or by making a visit to a job site to make sure the installation is going smoothly.  Staying focused keeps a sales professional always moving forward toward success.

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