As a Salesman Thinketh: Are you a true believer or just a salesperson?

By November 27, 2012Sales and Marketing

If you’re a salesperson and you believe the customers in your market only buy on price then it’s true. True for you at least. But just because you believe they only buy low price does NOT make it an actual fact. It only makes it your current belief and you can (and should) change that. If you change your beliefs you can change your outcomes. That’s right, your beliefs control your sales performance.

Think about it. If all customers only bought the lowest costing items would companies like Whole Foods, Apple Computers or Skyfold even exist? These companies are thriving precisely because customers don’t only consider price. Why are these companies so successful? Because they believe that their customers are willing to pay a little more for the best.

You can strengthen your beliefs as well. With clear thoughts and deep commitment you can enjoy improved performance. 
Once you understand that your belief and your belief system are the root of your sales success or the bane of your failure, you can do something about it.

I’m very fond of the concepts outlined in James Allen’s classic literary essay “As a Man Thinketh” published in 1902. In short he says, what you believe and think about directly impacts your reality. And this is exactly what I’m talking about. If you are salesperson and you want to improve your success, you can. And all you have to do is believe it and take action. But you must believe it with all your heart. If you do, your actions and words will naturally follow.

One of my favorite sales training gurus, Jeffery Gitomer says there are five elements to belief that directly impact a salesperson’s success. In order to be a great salesperson you must be the master believer of all five. Read this selection from his website:

1. You have to believe you work for the greatest company in the world.
2. You have to believe your products and services are the greatest in the world.
3. You have to believe in yourself.

NOTE: STOP here – if the above three beliefs – company, products and services, and self – are not present and deep. The next two will be impossible to comprehend, let alone master.

4. You have to believe in your ability to differentiate from your competition in a way that the customer PERCEIVES as BOTH different AND valuable. Why? Because if the customer fails to perceive a difference between you and your competition, if they fail to perceive your value, then all that’s left is price.
5. BIGGEST ASPECT OF BELIEF: You must believe that the customer is BETTER OFF having purchased from you. Not just believing this in your head. Rather, believing it in your heart.

BEWARE: There are negative beliefs that will also limit your success, even if you possess the critical POSITIVE five above. For example; belief your prices are too high or belief your competition has a lock on the business you’re trying to get.

REMEMBER: You and you alone control your beliefs with your thoughts and your attitude. This understanding is critical to building and maintaining a positive and optimistic belief system for all you say and do.

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