First Skyfold Wall in Springfield Massachusetts – Putnam Vocational Technical Academy

I’m proud to announce the first ever Skyfold wall installation in Springfield, MA (My home town). The three vertical lifting partitions (2 Glass and 1 Steel) are happily functioning at the brand new Putnam Vocational Technical High School. I went to see this school a couple weeks ago and was amazed. It was like walking into a high-tech government facility. The reception area could have easily been used as a movie set. The  Skyfold walls only added to the look of this school. A special thanks goes out to the architect, DRA Newton MA, and our local Skyfold dealer, The Pappas Company.

Down the main hall was a beautiful conference room complete with a Skyfold wall to separate the space into two smaller conference rooms. This wall looks great, takes up no extra space, and is completely sound-proof. You can also see that the finish of these walls blends perfectly into the space. It’s a seamless and effective addition to the environment they were looking to create.

Further down the main hall opens into an atrium with lots of natural light and a high-tech staircase that changes colors using glowing lights. Next to the staircase is a large cafeteria. Two glass Skyfold walls separate the atrium from the cafeteria. The principal wanted to have the option of keeping the noise of 500+ students in the lunchroom  from the rest of the school, but also be able to open up the large cafeteria space into the central atrium area for other events.

You can see all the walls that were installed in this short video that I made. Note: Look closely at the conference room in this video. Another  traditional operable wall was installed in the same room. You can see the wasted space that was required to store the wall as well as the large, awkward pocket. The students studying in the Hospitality / Hotel Services department will be experiencing both walls throughout their use of this room. I’m confident that Skyfold will impress them and help improve their learning environment drastically. Hopefully you agree. Enjoy!

Email me with any questions about this project or Skyfold walls. The Skyfold walls may have cost a little more but the price was worth it. Not just for this project  but the thousands of other projects that now enjoy the ease of use and excellent acoustical performance the Skyfold product provides.

Update: Local News Station Shows Skyfold Mirage at Putnam HS

I was pleased to be tuning into our local news station here in Western Massachusetts, ABC 40 WGGB, and suddenly see one of our beautiful Skyfold Mirage operable walls in the background. The video below was filmed at Putnam Vocational Technical Academy in Springfield, MA. They were covering the school for their program “Honor Roll Live”. You can see the wall in several places throughout this news story.

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John has over 30 years experience with sales and marketing in the architectural field. He is the owner and operator of RSM Services Inc. a company that provides sales management services in the Northeast USA Region. and represents Skyfold. If you are a designer from New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Syracuse or Buffalo (and all points in between) and would like to get the straight scoop on operable walls please feel free to touch base.

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    wow this is very nice…i did not think that this school would look so NICE! AND its not putnam vocational technical high school its PUTNAM VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL ACADEMY! OK THANKS YOU VERY MUCH.

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