Fun Video From My Bike Trip to Moab

By July 10, 2012Life

Every few years a bunch of guys (all 50 years of age or older) that I cycle with plan a cool bike trip. This year it was to Moab Utah to ride the famous slick rock trails and many others. Here is a fun video and trailer I put together that highlights some of our trip. It was an epic vacation that was fun and challenging. We mountain-biked over 100 miles and even climbed a mountain trail that was 5 miles long all in one shot.

It reminds me why it’s important to set goals. I found that having this trip as a goal helped me to work on staying fit, eating right, and I had to put in the miles of training so I was ready – kind of like how sales goals motivate us to keep working and growing as sales professionals.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Here’s The Trailer [1 minute]

Here’s The Full Video [25 minutes]

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