Stealth Benefits of Smoke Guard by guest blogger Dave Bauer, Architect

A few years back we were approached by an architect regarding his thoughts on a hotel he was designing, and how he thought he might be able to wrest an additional unit per floor for the building owner by using Smoke Guard. The project was the Flagler Station Marriott in Miami Florida. In the field we anecdotally discuss the potential benefits with architects, owners and contractors, but there are a few things that we perhaps don’t sufficiently highlight. It’s easy to say “you may gain an additional hotel room per floor”, but it’s just talk without knowing both the “with” and the “without.” Architects are visual creatures, and if a picture is worth a thousand words with the population at large then a picture (or drawing) is worth millions with architects.

Not only did he derive value for an building owner by building his building with 4 additional hotel rooms but also by increasing the revenue-generating floor area by 4%, and the companion decrease in circulation by about 10%, but also given that elevator shafts project downward into the lower (or in this case lobby) level, it has significant impact there as well. At the Flagler Station Marriott the architect was able to gain an additional 12% in the back of house, but of equal importance it allowed for much more functional circulation within that area, effectively increasing the net area even further.

Here are the benefits that the use of Smoke Guard provided:

  • allowed for the addition of an additional hotel room per floor (an additional 4% revenue to the owner)
  • allowed for the deletion of circulation (10% less per floor on elevated levels)
  • allowed for an increase in back of house (12% of functional area)
  • allowed for a significant increase in efficiency of back of house, allowing greater flexibility that’s difficult to quantify but of obvious value.


Most importantly, not one of the issues above can be conveyed with the superficial comparison of construction costs. If the answer to the question “how much does an installed Smoke Guard unit cost” is a wash within comparison to an alternate method, Smoke Guard still provides substantive financial benefits to the Owner. These are not hypothetical concepts that we may be able to do, these are things that Smoke Guard did.

Flagler Station Marriott Case Study

About the Author

Dave Bauer is an Architect and a Regional Sales Manager for Smoke Guard in their Southeastern US territory. Learn more about Dave via LinkedIn.

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