Using Elevator Art to Combat Vandalism in Buildings

By May 29, 2012Architecture, Life

Here are two articles covering a great idea;  “Can Elevator Artists Combat Vandalism?” and  “UW-Madison art staff turn elevator into art gallery to combat graffiti.” Apparently, UW-Madison’s elevators were getting vandalized so badly that they decided to encourage artists to transform the spaces into something more creative. The result was an outstanding fix. What had looked like garbage before, became a super creative solution. Now the elevators bring joy and inspire visitors. It’s these kind of creative ideas that help transform buildings and keep them interesting. I’d like to see more of this kind of thing for sure.

Here’s an excerpt from the article

Until a staff meeting gave rise to an idea: Why not turn the elevator into a legitimate design space? With  the blessing of university building officials, with a few conditions for safety….

… The doors opened on the first installation in the art department’s new “Hi/Lo Gallery,” billed as “seven floors of visual candy” and named for the concept of high art/low art — plus, of course, the fact that it’s squeezed into an elevator.
Kelly Johannsen took the plunge as the first approved elevator artist with her piece “Elevator to Eternity,” an elegantly witty step into limbo. In the eerie glow of fluorescent ceiling lights, the elevator becomes a waiting room for the afterlife with a clock face stuck on the 11th hour and a bookshelf of volumes such as “The Afterlife for Dummies” and “Climbing Your Stairway to Heaven — the Eternal Bestseller.” Travelers can push the button for “Hades” (to exit the building) or “Heaven” (seventh floor, home to graduate art studios). – Wisconsin State Journal

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