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By May 10, 2012Technology

I launched a new RSM Services Inc. website and blog 3 months ago. The goal has been to enhance the marketing for the products I represent and provide some helpful tips and resources for my dealer sales team.  In the last 90 days the site has had over 1000 visitors, which I’m told is pretty good for a new “small business” site, just getting started in a specialized industry. Keep in mind, this was accomplished without any advertising, just with sound SEO and social media strategies.

I thought you might be interested in some of the top statistics from the first 1000 visitors.

Top search terms visitors used to find the site…

1.   Acoustical Fold Up Partitions

2.   Elevator Fire Curtain

3.   Fire Curtain Without Guide Rails

4.   Pre Call Touch Ideas

5.   Switchable Folding Walls

Most interesting search terms visitors used to find the site…

1.   Dave Wengen partitions

2.   Mike Pappas Modernfold

3.   Regional Sales Manager Modernfold Northeast

4.   When does the code require elevator smoke curtains

5.   Atrium Architect Continuing Education

Most bizarre / random search terms visitors used to find the site…

1.   Salesperson icon

2.   Greek wrestling

3.   Sales Rep for Trendway

4.   Super cool briefcase

5.   Wood walls

How visitors found the site…

60% Google Search

14% Google Image Search

8% Twitter

6% Linked-in

4% Bing

3% Facebook

Less than 2% Yahoo Search, & Yahoo Image Search

What information visitors where looking for on the site…

37% Smoke and Fire Curtains for Elevator, or Atrium

26% Operable Partitions / Skyfold

18% RSM Services

16% Non operable wall or Smoke & Fire Curtain blog topics

3%  Miscellaneous

Top 5 Blog Posts visitors read…

1.   57 STC – Is it the New Norm?

2.   Creative Prospecting

3.   iPad – 7 Reasons for Salesperson / iPad 3 review guest blogger

4.   Selling Risk vs. Price

5.   Otis Stainless Steel Elevator Frames (tie)

6.   Dr Seuss Quotes to Motivate (tie)

Top 5 Pages they viewed were…

1.   RSM Home / Blog Landing Page

2.   RSM About / Contact Page

3.   Smoke and Fire Curtains

4.   Operable Partitions Page

5.   Downloads (password protected and available to dealers only)

Top 5 Links followed / where visitors went to next…

1.   Pappas Company Website

2.   Skyfold article regarding Christian Valley School

3.   Smoke Guard’s AIA Continuing Ed. article on atriums

4.   Skyfold Website

5.   Google Places / Support Page

Thanks to all that have visited for your support. And if you haven’t spent much time visiting the website or missed reading one of the top blog posts please take a minute or to check it out.

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