Before and After Photos – The Secret of Architecture and Design Marketing

Before and After - Architectural Digest If you are selling anything architectural it’s important to not just use photographs but to use before and after photographs.

In just a few photographs you can tell a compelling story, whether it’s how an architectural building product works or how a whole structure or city can be transformed. Architects know this and use before and after photography in their marketing to attract new clients.

So, before and after (or better yet before, during and after) photographs are an extremely effective way to get your marketing message across to the architects and designers as well.

Sheela Holland, a recent architectural school grad now working at The Pappas Company, says

“Architects are visual people and showing them a series of photographs (even if it is just two) helps them to understand not only how the product looks but how it operates”

This is especially important when your architectural product moves like an operable wall or a rolling smoke curtain or fire curtain.

The following is a compilation of inspiring before and after shots from various architectural projects. Enjoy!

Before & After: LYCS Architecture Office, LYCS Architecture

Source: ArchDaily

Before & After: Jung Hyun’s Apartment, Moohoi Architecture

Source: ArchDaily

Before & After: Shanghai 1990 vs Shanghai 2010

Source: Gizmodo

Before, Transition & After: Skyfold, Federal Guarantee Insurance Corporation, Gensler

Product is Skyfold Classic 51 STC, Modernfold Styles

Before & After: Mercer House, Vibe Design Group

Source: ArchDaily

Before & After: Designer Penny Drue Baird remade Michael and Michelle Friezo’s Bucks County Retreat in Pennsylvania

Source: Architectural Digest

Before & After: New York Duplex, Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects

Source: Architectural Digest

Before & After: Seven Meadows Farm, SPS Architects

Source: ArchDaily

Before & After: Box House, Alan Chu & Cristiano Kato

Source: ArchDaily

Before & After: Office Loft, Carola Vannini Architecture

Source: Carola Vannini Architecture

Before, Transition & After: Smoke Guard, African American Research Library, OZ Architecture & Harold Massop Associates Architects, P.C.

Product is Smoke Guard Model 600, Powers Products, Denver

Before & After: Bridgette Mayer Art Gallery Basement

Source: Apartment Therapy

Before & After: 100 Year Old Building Renovation

Source: Apartment Therapy


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About John Collins

John Collins has over 30 years experience with sales and marketing in the architectural field. He is the owner and operator of RSM Services Inc. a company that provides sales management services in the Northeast USA region and represents Skyfold and Smoke Guard. If you are a designer from New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo or Baltimore / Washington DC (and all points in between) and would like to get the straight scoop on operable walls or building code required smoke or fire rated curtains or shutters for elevators and atriums please feel free to touch base.


  • Sheela says:

    Great article and photos John. The before and after photos illustrate the place a designer imagined before it was created. The photos show how materials and products give life to the dull or undesirable spaces that were before. One can appreciate the transformation that took place even more when you can compare to what existed prior. In most of these photos it is hard to believe the before and after are actually the same place. This demonstrates the importance of marketing the before and after as a comparison to illustrate what a materials/product is capable of producing to get the right atmosphere for a particular situation.

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    Great, thanks for sharing this blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

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