Announcing New Product: 55 STC Rated Operable Wall

Building occupants are demanding better acoustics in their buildings and especially from their operable walls. That is why Skyfold has added a 55 STC option to their operable partition selections. Over the years Skyfold has offered a 51 STC rated wall and a 57 STC rated wall, so this product is a wondearful in between option. What’s great about the 55 STC is that it provides excellent sound transmission control , but at a much more affordable price than the Classic Elite with 57 STC.

What is STC?

STC is a numerical rating of the sound control performance of a wall or ceiling; the higher the number, the better the sound control. The 55 STC will be perfect for hotels and hospitality spaces. Skyfold has built walls within hotels such as Marriott, Hyatt, Crowne Plaza, the Four Seasons and many others. The 55 STC will likely be showing up in hotels and hospitality buildings all over the country. Additionally, the 55 STC will be outstanding in convention centers and education buildings that require extremely tall walls that move and have great acoustic ratings.

Why should you care about acoustics?

Now more than ever, Acoustics are a vital component of architectural design guidelines. Developers, architects and business owners are very concerned about acoustics and how it will affects their environments. Occupant well-being, communication, privacy (e.g., HIPAA) are all influenced by the acoustics of a given space. It’s important to realize that walls with less than a 35 STC rating are considered extremely poor when it comes to acoustics. Walls rated 55 and up, on the other hand, are considered very good.

What sets Skyfold’s Classic 55 above the rest?

  • Superior acoustics
  • Custom retractable partitions (they fold up into the ceiling)
  • Rigid, flat, and durable
  • Lightweight (less structural steel)
  • Slick and professional appearance
  • No visible hinges or hardware
  • No floor or wall tracks
  • Perfect for sloped and stepped floors
  • Quiet and effortless operation
  • Various finishes: vinyl, fabric, specialty metal, plastic laminate, marking surface, wood veneer and more


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