Blogging to Grow Your Architectural Product Sales Business

Blogging has been one of the best improvements I’ve made to my business in years. I’m surprised more businesses and entrepreneurs still haven’t jumped on the blogging and social media bandwagon. This is definitely the case for architectural product sales. The business is changing, and it’s your responsibility to stay on top. There are many reasons why you should be blogging, but here are the big ones…

Improve SEO & Increase Website Traffic

Why are you wasting so much money on traditional print advertising when you should be driving people to your website? Blogging is probably the best way to attract visits to your website. When architects and developers look for information on new building products the first thing they will do is search on Google for the answer! Most people find the answers they need on the Internet (especially when researching purchase decisions). That makes blogging a no-brainer for businesses. You need to be doing this!

Additionally, it’s easy! If you make a blog with WordPress, you’ll be taking advantage of many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits that you can’t get as easily elsewhere. Since blogs are updated on a regular basis with rich content, major search engines like to keep an eye on blogs rather than websites. Blogging will help put your website closer to the top (if not first) on search engines. It’s cheap, easy and will help your business get attention in ways you never got before. Chances are, there are not a lot of blogs specifically within your focus, so if you start soon your business may become one of the leading sources online.

Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

RSM Services gets consistent traffic from searches on various keywords related to architecture, buildings, fire safety, operable walls, etc. but the difference occurs when they read my content. I put a lot of effort into my blog posts and content in order to keep people riveted. Too many websites work on attracting visitors with hundreds of buzz-words and articles, but lose the potential customers because their content is awful.

Blogging is an opportunity for you to establish yourself (and your business) as an expert in architecture and sales. Through blogging you can become the best publicist in the world. By keeping a regularly-updated, insightful blog, you are not only attracting people to your site, but showing them your expertise. People want to buy from experts. People want to buy from the best in the business. You can start making your mark as the best in the business and have the whole Internet as your audience.

Blogging is a Hub for Your Social Media

Many of us have Twitter accounts, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook profiles, Google+ profiles, but what are you doing with them? They aren’t of much use if they just sit there! However, blogging can act as a hub for your social media initiatives. If done correctly it will help you attract more business to your social media accounts AND encourage others to spread and share your posts and pages. Imagine writing an article on one of your products and finding out that your visitors shared the article to thousands of new viewers overnight. This kind of things happens all the time with social media and blogging. Here are the bullet points to make this happen for your business:

  • Share your blog posts on all your social media outlets
  • Share other great articles too (don’t only share your articles!)
  • Add social media sharing buttons to your blog posts

Doing these things while providing evergreen and eye-opening content is incredibly valuable. If you stick with it, your online presence will spread like wildfire!

Increase Sales

Obviously, it always comes down to sales. What does any of this matter if I can’t sell my architectural product?! The good news is, blogging can make you an infinitely better salesperson if done correctly. Blogging creates evergreen content that can attract visitors over and over again via search engines and social media. Once visitors reach your blog they will clearly see that you know what you’re talking about and will likely look into the products you represent. If you’re smart, you should be linking from your inspiring blog posts directly to your product pages. From there, most of the leg-work has already been done. The architect only has to click on your “contact us” button and the blog is doing the sales for you!

You can create a web presence that is optimized for sales and money-making. Blogging is by no means a substitution for the way you’ve been doing business for years. It only adds to the potential sales. The simple fact is: architects, developers, business owners, and potential clients are ALL online. They’re all browsing blogs and searching for new ideas for their projects. Making purchases online is quickly becoming more common than making purchases in person or over the phone. It’s growing in popularity and making our jobs easier and more fun!

What are you waiting for? Get a blog as soon as possible. Good luck and good selling!

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