Four Seasons – 57 STC Standard. Is it the new norm?

By January 30, 2012Operable Partitions

I recently had conversations with both an acoustical engineer and an architect working on projects for the Four Seasons Hotel organization. They both indicated that their client had a sound performance design standard of 57 STC for any operable partitions in their facility. When I asked why  it was so high, I was told it was because they had experienced some sound transmission problems with traditional folding partitions that slide to the side.

People and organizations want a quiet environment when renting spaces for meetings or special events and traditional operable walls were not delivering.

To achieve this level of sound separation (57 STC), designers were resorting to two folding partitions in a side by side configuration about 6 to 8 inches apart.  This of course is not only double the cost, but also double the floor space to store the panels, and double the set up time each and every time the walls get moved.

These problems can’t be limited to just Four Season’s Hotels.

One starts to wonder if a 57 STC will be the new norm in the hospitality industry for their folding operable partitions. If so, there is a new product from Skyfold that may be the answer. It’s called “Classic Elite” and its independent sound test results are 57 STC. This is roughly equal to the sound separation you might get from a 12″ thick concrete block wall. When you combine the superb STC rating with the fact that Skyfold takes up no floor space when stored, and is incredibly easy to set up, it is clear that Skyfold is going to be a compelling product for the hospitality industry and anyone that values privacy, silence, and value.

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