Skyfold Video of Harvard Law School

By January 12, 2012Operable Partitions


The architectural detailing of the soffits when the Skyfold walls are stored up in the ceiling is beautifully done giving the impression of  huge wooden beams within ceiling coffers. Law firms were one of the early adopters of the Skyfold ceiling down folding wall nearly 20 years ago because of the wall’s superior acoustical performance. A lawyer’s office and meeting room must be sound tight because of the confidential discussions that transpire within.  Traditional manually folding walls are not as sound proof which is why law firms, or in this case law schools, turn to Skyfold often for their designs requiring operable partitions.

Here is a short video  showcasing the Skyfold Classic operable partition with a 51 STC at the Harvard Law School. The architect was Robert A. M. Stern from New York City. The installing contractor was The Pappas Company from Boston. They sell, install and service Skyfold walls throughout New England. A special thanks to our NYC Skyfold team, Modernfold / Styles Inc., who supported the architect with design assistance.

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