Sales Success Tip – Personal Discipline

ersonal discipline.  Discipline is not a “sexy” thing to talk about but it is crucial for individual success.

Are you disciplined enough to get up early and prepare for a successful day?   Do you review your daily schedule to make sure you have allotted the proper amount of time for each task?  Do you give yourself time for physical fitness each morning to get the day started off right?  Do you eat a healthy breakfast to help keep your energy level high during the day?  These may seem like little things but they are very, very important.

Speaking of discipline, are you disciplined enough to make all the follow up calls you need to make each day, or do you just put them off for another time?  Do you make a personal visit to that customer?  Do you reschedule that pesky late Friday afternoon appointment for another day because you want to start your weekend early or do you buckle down and give it everything you’ve got to close one last sale before the end of the day?  Discipline is an “all the time” thing!

Any experienced salesperson already knows this is a key to success. These are great questions to remind us.

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