Amazing Atrium Smoke Curtain Obstruction Sensor

Watch the video below to see Smoke Guard’s amazing M4000 in action, complete with “super sensor” technology! If you don’t already know, Smoke Guard systems, like the M4000, will deploy in order to contain deadly smoke in the event of a fire, protecting building occupants and minimizing damage. The super sensor adds a new level of protection by sensing any obstructions that may be in its path and responding to them. In the video you will see how the smoke containment system deploys but stops upon contact with an obstruction.  The sensing system will attempt to redeploy automatically because if the obstruction may be a person or an object that has moved out of the way. If that is the case, the curtain will deploy fully. If the obstruction does not move, the smoke/fire-rated curtain will just stop on top of the obstruction after five attempts to provide as much smoke containment as possible. As you can see, Smoke Guard’s M4000 is safe, innovative, and effective but it is also invisible to building occupants. There are no visible and ugly surface-mounted tape switches, and no unreliable infrared sensors that could be unintentionally set off by migrating smoke. The deployable M4000 protective enclosure with the super sensor option is an excellent way to reduce the cost of or eliminate the code required mechanical smoke evacuation system needed for communicating stairways and multi story atrium spaces.

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