Introducing: The New RSM Services Website!

May 2015 marks RSM Services Inc.’s 10 year anniversary. It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years since the company was started. I’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who has been involved in the growth and success of the past 10 years. Some of you I have worked with for up to 22 years, before RSM Services was even an idea. And with that news, we have another special announcement…

Our Brand New Website

In celebration of 10 years of RSM Services, we have launched our brand new website! What do you think? It features a stunning new design and tons of new features. On the front of the homepage you will find a large slideshow featuring not only images but beautiful video showcasing our products and how they move. Because seeing our product is worth more than a thousand words, this functionality is very exciting for us. Take a look by clicking below:

Browse the New Website

In the past three years, the RSM Services website has gotten 16,000 views with thousands of unique viewers from all over our region and the world. Some of the top performing pages and posts are listed below:

Top RSM Related Pages

Top Smoke Control Related Blog Posts

Top Operable Partition Related Blog Posts

Our website has improved a lot since the beginning. We didn’t even have a high functioning website until about three years ago. We’re proud to announce that the new site is above and beyond what we have ever had before.

NEW Product Gallery

Our new product gallery is visually impressive and easy to navigate. It features many of our projects and includes photographs and information about the products. You can sort the gallery by product. Give it a try on the Product Gallery page or click through to some portfolio items below.

UI Innovation Center - M3000

UI Innovation Center – M3000

Smoke & Fire Curtain

Greenberg Traurig Office Renovation

Greenberg Traurig – Classic

Operable Partition

Video Shows Skyfold Operable Wall in Motion at Salvation Army

Salvation Army – Classic

Operable Partition

Sandy Hook - Skyfold

Sandy Hook Elementary – Classic

Operable Partition

Schlumberger Proppant Control Room

Schlumberger Proppant Control Room – Zenith

Operable Partition

Amicus Skyfold

Amicus Therapeutics – Classic

Operable Partition

M4000 Facebook SGCA

Facebook – M4000

Smoke & Fire Curtain

Comcast Government Affairs

Comcast Government Affairs – Classic

Operable Partition

St. Josephs

St. Joseph’s Hospital – M600

Smoke & Fire Curtain

Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel – Classic

Operable Partition

Smoke Guard M2100 at Clemson University, Watt Family Innovation Center (Video)

Clemson University – 2100

Smoke & Fire Curtain

Biogenetics Corporation - Classic

Biogenetics Corporation – Classic

Operable Partition

Visit the Product Gallery

NEW Sliders with Moving Images & Video

We have added excellent visuals to our new site in the form of sliders and videos. You can see examples of this on the front page, the Operable Partitions page, and the Smoke & Fire Curtains page. Below is the slider from the homepage. Click the buttons at the bottom to change slides, or just wait for them to transition automatically.


Helping Designers Create More Productive & Safer Buildings

Representing these great products...

Operable Partitions

Skyfold – Walls fold and lift vertically to store in the ceiling and provide excellent acoustical performance.

Smoke & Fire Curtains

Smoke Guard – Code compliant smoke protection for elevators, atriums and stairs.

Skyfold Mirage

Glass, folding walls that move into place with a touch of a button.

Elevator Smoke Curtains

Code-compliant elevator smoke protection that can eliminate the need for smoke lobbies or other expensive mechanical smoke evacuation systems.

NEW About Page

Our new about page contains large images, sections, and rotating testimonials. Being one of our highest performing pages, we wanted to make sure it would impress viewers and educate them on the product lines we represent and what we can offer. Check out the new about page:

See the About Page

NEW Blog

We also created a brand new blog format in the masonry style. By navigating to the blog page, you can simply scroll indefinitely and more posts will appear (until you get to the first article we ever published, of course).  Here are some of our recent posts on the new blog:

Go to the Blog

NEW Downloads Pages

We revamped our downloads pages to make sure our dealers and network have excellent documentation and media that they will need. Dealers can download the latest AIA CES forms among many others. If we have previously granted you access to our private downloads page you can visit the new page now. You can also download multiple case studies on the new case studies page.

Browse the Downloads

NEW Comics Page

As some of you may know, we started publishing our own original, educational comics. These comics relate to the building industry and educate people about our products and how they can solve problems that architects and designers face. Visit the new comics page to read our Smoke Guard and Skyfold comics!

Top Comics

See the Comics

Much Much More

Besides all these new pages and features, you will find many more, too numerous to list in one post. For example, be sure to check out the automatic “scroll to top” button at the bottom right hand of every page. The button will show up after you scroll down the page for a bit and makes it easier to navigate back to the top of whatever page you were on. Also check out the sharing buttons on every blog post and maybe share your favorite post. Keep looking and you will find even more new content and features. Let us know if you have any questions, feedback, or spot an error.

Thanks again for a great 10 years together and enjoy the new website!

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