Smoke Guard M3000: Atrium Horizontal Fire Curtain

Check out this great video showing an excellent option to meet the requirements for smoke control in an atrium. It shows the operation, performance, and sleek design of the M3000, a new atrium horizontal fire curtain product offered by Smoke Guard. The M3000 doesn’t need any tension cables for openings up to 20′ x 30′ and provides invisible fire protection while maintaining the architectural beauty the designer desires. The product is an ideal smoke and fire protection solution for architects working with atria and large ceiling openings.

If used carefully this system can eliminate the need for costly additional structural support, sprinklers, and complex smoke evacuation systems saving the building owner a great deal of money. The following video is a demonstration of what the product is capable of. I’m sure you’ll learn something new about atrium smoke control design options and be impressed with the the M3000. Please take a moment to watch the video above.

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