New LinkedIn “Blocking” Feature Secures It As The Top Social Network for Professionals

While LinkedIn may not be the most visited or universally “popular” website, it is definitely one of the more financially secure and successful social networks. Its professional user base makes it a network of people who are there for business and are willing to spend money and make money using the platform. This approach has helped it’s financial success and the success of the users who use it. Other social networks may have more people involved, but few allow for more professional benefits. If you know how to use it, LinkedIn can be a spectacular tool.

Now, more than ever, LinkedIn is growing and releasing features that help secure it as the top social network for professionals. Recently, LinkedIn developers made a key update to their platform allowing users to block others. This simple change helps elevate LinkedIn in ways you may not have considered. Here are some positive things you can look forward to with the new blocking feature…

New LinkedIn "Blocking" Feature Secures It As The Top Social Network for Professionals

Restrict Access to Profile

Chances are, you may have been in a position where you are uncomfortable with just anyone on the Internet viewing what is essentially your resume. For some time, having a LinkedIn profile meant sharing your professional skills, experience, and history with more people than you may have wanted. The new blocking feature (and other privacy controls) from LinkedIn now help users have more control over who sees your profile and updates. This feature has been requested by users for a long time. LinkedIn recently responded to these requests with the release of the feature and the sentiment “it was the right thing to do.”

Eliminate Spam

As you may know from virtually every social network on the Internet, spam accounts are abundant, annoying, distracting, and detrimental to business social media efforts. A lot of time can be wasted every week trying to clear your social network inbox of spam messages and deleting spam comments from your posts. The new blocking feature makes it easy to identify and prohibit future spamming from accounts in question.

Focus on Positive Professional Opportunities

While I don’t condone ignoring possible sales and networking opportunities, there is value in curating a LinkedIn network that works for you. If you have a LinkedIn profile, I’m sure you are no stranger to the random person asking to connect in a completely unrelated field. These users muddle the LinkedIn experience. Eliminating these awkward and unhelpful connections can help you focus on the opportunities and people who matter within your field.

Dissociate From Non-Professionals

Similar to above, it is incredibly valuable to retain the ability to dissociate from people on LinkedIn who do not share your values and level of professionalism. Do you want your respected connections to associate you with these kinds of people? Probably not. Again, curate your network and expand it in ways you can be proud of. The blocking feature can help with this.

Prevent Stalking and Sexual Harassment

While this may or may not be a problem for you personally, there have been many instances of stalking, sexual harassment, and unprofessional profile viewing on LinkedIn. This kind of thing happens on all social networks, but you would expect the “professional social network” (LinkedIn) to be leading the pack in sexual abuse prevention. Luckily, LinkedIn is taking steps in that direction. Many users have expressed a desire for this feature to prevent harassment, and now it is a reality.

Other Features You May Not Know About

Explore LinkedIn and experiment with some of these helpful features:

  • disconnect from current connection
  • limit profile picture visibility
  • activity broadcast controls
  • anonymous profile viewing

Thank you for reading. I hope you agree. Feel free to read more posts on my blog and leave a comment below if you have something to add.

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