Want to get more from your social media marketing? Try these 3 things.

By December 10, 2013Sales and Marketing

Get More Out of Your Social MediaHere are three easy tips to get more out of your social media marketing efforts. As a person in the architecture and sales community, I have always known social media to be important, but had to learn first hand what works and what doesn’t. After reading many articles and trying many things, I have determined these three things to be extremely important and fairly easy to apply to your business practices.

1. Photo posts are key.

This simple trick will improve your success in social media by leaps and bounds. In general, people online are far more engaged and interested in photos and images. Statistics show that photos get 53% more likes on Facebook, 104% more consumer conversation through comments, and 84% more link click-throughs than simple text posts. Using images can also be taken advantage of on Twitter, LinkedIn, and countless other social media sites. If you try it, I bet you will see a difference. Using images is especially helpful in the architecture world because photos of products, buildings, and designs are great (and interesting) things to share. I’ve found that photos of Skyfold and Smoke Guard are very powerful for my own social media work. It’s a simple trick that can go very far.

Check out the difference in success of these two tweets from The New York Times, one with only text and one with a picture and text:


2. Don’t be too wordy.

Shorter posts usually get more attention on social media sites. This may come as a surprise to some. In business, we’re used to being very thorough in correspondence. Social media is different. We’re constantly being pulled in many directions online and have more choices of content than we could ever possibly consume in one lifetime. That means that people are more hesitant to give you their time than ever. They are also more likely to skim text on the Internet. It’s very important to realize this.

In order to keep up in the information age, you have to learn how to get your points across with less text. Longer posts will often be ignored. Shorter posts, however will be appreciated by your customers and online connections. The rule is simple: less is more.

Look at the difference in engagement between these two tweets from ARCHITECT Magazine, one long and one short:


3. Questions result in conversation.

This may seem obvious, but asking questions is the best way to get your customers and connections to engage with you. It’s amazing how many people post countless promotions and fail to actually have a conversation with their customers online. The answer here is simple: ask questions.

Find out what your customers want. Find out what issues they have had in the past. These are questions you likely already want to know the answers to, but never thought to just ask them online. People love answering questions and will gladly put in their two cents if the question is interesting. What many people forget is that social media is just that, “social”. Social media users don’t want to be talked at. They want to be talked to! So instead of posting another link to your website, why don’t you ask a question and see what happens?

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